Saturday, April 25, 2009

Project Spectrum-People with Autism expressing their creative side!

Autism is a terrible disability and it affects 1 in 150 American children. So, when I went on google for a search, I saw that they had a link to this creative project with autism people. I never knew google had a 3D program called, "Google SketchUp" and there was this "Project Spectrum."
This is what appears as the purpose for this idea on the link:
" Project Spectrum was created to give people with autism the opportunity to express their creativity and develop a life skill using Google SketchUp 3D modeling software."
They have a link where educators can learn exercises, so they can have their students use it. There's a video of how to use this 3D program and it's cool and simple. There's a gallery of different models where students can try to create their own versions of these models. I believe that art is very important and it does wonders to the human soul. Everyone needs an outlet to express themselves and it doesn't matter if you do not believe you cannot draw or sculpt, it's about expressing yourself. Technique is important, but sometimes when you have to get something off your chest whether it's joy or anger, just let it out. I'm glad that this is a positive element for autistic people, because they're like everyone else-different.(I mean that in a good way, because we are all unique individuals)

Check out more info here:Autism Society of America

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