Saturday, April 30, 2011

365 Days of Creativity -Day 108-118

Here's the update...My favorite was working on the newest sugar skull design.

Day 108-
Day 109- A portion of a draft of a flyer I did for a client

Day 110- Flyer that the company wanted and used.

Day 111- Glimpse of another flyer I worked on.

Day 112- I still wanted to create a comic book superhero composition, so I was sketching and here's one sketch.

Day 113- Sketching out ideas

Day 114- Beginning of the newest Sugar Skull process. If you were following me on twitter, you would've seen the process via twitpic

Day 115-

Day 116-Almost complete, but not quite

Day 117- The final result. I mocked it up on a t-shirt, because people were asking for it to be sold as a t-shirt. Since they were asking for this on a t-shirt I decided to see if I would print this up.

Day 118- Just doodling, hoping something would strike.

How to draw a realistic eye

It never hurts to learn how to draw realistically if you do not know how to. This video, I chose one of my favorite subjects, the human eye. This video is brought to you by Mark Crilley and you can check out his other videos in his youtube and check out his site here.

VanTino Print

This is a cool pop culture design-VanTino by Gigart If you don't understand the reference, it's a picture of director Quentin Taratino and a reference to Reservoir Dogs which shares it's similarities with Van Gogh. As a fan of his movies and Van Gogh's art, this is a win-win. This was features at the Bold Hype Gallery in NYC as part of "The Quentin vs. Coen Show". The print will be available soon and will be an eight color silk screen poster sized at 18" x 24". There are other prints available, but you'll have to wait or maybe you could ask when this will be available. Go here to see prints by Gigart.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Coolest Social Studies Classroom by Higher Level Art

Check out this video done by Higher Level Art. They transform two social studies classrooms for  Holmes High School and Middle School in Covington, Kentucky into a very elaborate exciting room full of art. This was done in 10 days and it's an amazing job that was done. Watch the process of how this gets done.I don't think anyone will fall asleep in this class room, if anything the students will be distracted by the art in the room. Very well done.

For those that don't know Higher Level Art is a company that specializes in murals, signs, and a variety of exclusive custom projects. The Higher Level Art team is a group of creative, well rounded artists and craftsmen. Our artists have a wide range of skills and experiences that enable our team to adapt to various client requests.

More on Higher Level Art here

Sculpture by Do Ho Suh

This sculpture is very intriguing to me. I like how the sculpture was displayed appropriately in the gallery. It's interesting, especially since the foot is stepping on small people, they look like army men. I feel if I was there, this would attract my attention immediately.

The 50 Strangest Jobs You can get in the art world by Complex

Complex magazine has put a list of the 50 strangest jobs you can get in the art world. I find it funny how the first one mentioned is start a t-shirt company. Other jobs mentioned are becoming a body painter, a master of the mixtape art, comic book colorist, an animator for jumbotrons, conservator of arms and armo, and a designer for waterparks. I think some of the jobs mentioned are normal, it's just getting the work into certain fields that may seem like it's odd. Painting portraits of your pets? You're a painter, who specializes in painting animals. I don't see anything odd, because you're a painter.

Read the the 50 here

Rethink Clothing "Out with the old sale"

T-shirt company, Rethink Clothing has a sale where tees are $5 or $10 on their older tees. Rethink is a t-shirt company that proud that they only use college artists to design their tees. I think it's good that they offer the portfolio pieces for college students, but at the same time I feel this is just a gimmick. Hey, sometimes gimmicks get you where you want. Any hoot, there are some cool looking tees that would be awesome to be picked up.

Look out for some new tees in the future, because Rethink is working with an artist which makes the next set of shirts look very promising.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ken Capcom/Mattel Mashup

This had to be shared. It's a funny take on Street Fighter's Ken and Barbie's Ken. This is from Michael B. Meyers Jr. of Drawsgood

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pre-order new shirts at Branded Baron

Branded Baron has new shirts for you that you can pre-order now. Only a limited amount are going to be printed, so reserve your tee by ordering. You can see the Statue of Liberty design that I created available with a red and purple bandana. There's also a t-shirt for the sneakerheads with the "Don't be a hypebeast" tee. Also, "Street Art, Street Crime" was an older Branded Baron design that is brought back for this occasion. The graffiti influenced artwork was created by AlSquad of Squadcore.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Blue Lady by Richard Davies

Richard Davies is a Welsh graphic designer. The Blue Lady is a personal piece that he painted entirely digitally using a graphics tablet. It forced Davies to go back to his old strengths of drawing and painting. The image is loosely based on Vladimir Tretchikoff’s "The Green Lady".

Cool Palehorse Designed T-shirts

Palehorse aka Chris Parks is a designer who's work I really like. I really like his illustrations and think he has some creative concepts when it comes to his personal work. He has these two t-shirts that I think showcase his work very well. The t-shirts are tagless, so there won't be an itchy neck from the tag when you wear it. I'm not sure if I like the "Christos Mysterio" which I find to be a humorous parody or the "Mariachi" better. You can purchase these t-shirt for $22, which is a reasonable price for some wearable art.


Inspiration: Ferdi Rizkiyanto

Ferdi Rizkiyanto is a digital artist who's work is real serious. The concepts are executed very well and he has some good advertisement designs. I think one of my favorite pieces is the Red Bull design he made. Check out his portfolio here

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free Old Film Textures

Lost & Taken has some old film textures that can add that extra substance to your designs. Download here

How do I get freelance work by Jessica Hische

Designer and lettering extraordinaire Jessica Hische gives her advice on how to gain some more freelance work. Some great points she make are don't be a dick, befriend other designers(which I agree is very necessary, since I too saw many other designers as competition at first), enter competitions, and do work for friends. From my experience, working with friends is a hit or miss. The important key there is to make sure you strictly keep it professional and business only. Anyway, you can read more of this useful article at Jessica's website

Fat Boy Free Font

Is it me or does saying Fat Boy Free Font 3 times fast seem like it could be difficult? This was created by Matt Braun and Matt Griffin. It's the first of 10 rare wood type faces to be digitized. They have a kickstarter project which they are trying to salvage some old type faces and transfer them into Open Type Faces. You can view their mission here.

You can download here

365 Days of Creativity -Day 86-107

Day 86

Day 87

Day 88

Day 89

Day 90- I don't know why, but this sketch reminds of Lady Gaga

Day 91- When I did this, it did not.

Day 92- I had to work on creating this to a vector file

Day 93-Finished vector format

Day 94-

Day 95

Day 96

Day 97

Day 98

Day 99-

Day 100-An example of how templates can be a timesaver

Day 101

Day 102

Day 103-Part of a flyer I was working on

Day 104-

Day 105-I've been playing this video game on PS3 that my girlfriend's brother downloaded and I felt like drawing a fun quick sketch

Day 106- I was thinking of the old Nintendo video game Bubble Bobble and decided to create my own fast sketch of a similar looking monster.

Day 107-Fast female sailor sketch. I was looking for a good example to sketch and I almost ran out of time for today, so this is the quick doodle.