Monday, September 24, 2012

Derrick Castle Patch Design Process Video

Derrick Castle is an illustrator who's work I've noticed a lot more recently and I think he deserves some recognition. The video above is his process for a patch design that he had the opportunity to do.

Final Image:

Jeff Langevin prints on Society 6

Jeff Langevin put up some badass prints up on Society 6. I think my favorite might be the one titled "Forest" (shown above). They range from $18-$19 bucks.There are definitely some worth hanging up on the wall and the problem might be trying to figure out which one.

You can purchase one of these prints here:

Below are some of his art that's available for sale on Society 6.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Don't Overthink

Voodoo Priestess by Kent Floris

This is a badass illustration. Check out more work by Kent Floris here

Art is not a crime

Art is not a crime


Dragons by ~gecko1798

Nothing worth having comes easy

A friendly reminder.

The Real WWF

This design is clever and is the real WWF.

Steve Morris Art

See more here: Steve Morris Art

T-shirt design by Karol Gadzala for Fade London.

T-shirt design by Karol Gadzala for Fade London. This design is simple, clean, and looks really cool.

Custom Jay Wise Button Pack

Here is a custom Jay Wise button pack that I designed and put together. The buttons and packaging were made by Pure Buttons who did a really good job. I was excited to do this, because I don't get to do a lot of package designs and I wanted to do this even if it was simple. I'm not sure if Jay Wise is selling them or if they're sold out already, but you can check out

Playing around with markers

Just playing around with my deco and prisma markers and I came up with this.

How to piss off your designer friends

This is funny.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Illustrated Alternative to Breaking Bad’s Opening Sequence by Martin Woutisseth

Breaking Bad - Illustrated from Martin Woutisseth on Vimeo.

Motion graphics artist Martin Woutisseth offers his own tribute to the AMC television show, which turned out to be pretty cool. Check it out