Friday, January 29, 2010

Disasterpiece from FullBleed

Rob Dobi creates some very interesting designs and for his clothing line, Full Bleed( This particular piece has to be my favorite one of his. I really like it and think it's pretty cool looking. A lot of thought goes into his designs and the end result looks good.
To purchase this shirt

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hothead now available at RIPT TODAY & TODAY ONLY $10

This design is finally available. Check it out. If you like it, buy it. Ript apparel prints on the comfortable American Apparel t-shirts. Go to Remember it's a limited t-shirt, because it won't be printed again after today. The best part besides this "HOT" design(yes, that was on purpose) is that it's $10.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Hothead" to be on sale at RIPT APPAREL on Wednesday 1/26/09

My design, "Hothead" will be available to purchase at RIPT APPAREL tomorrow. It will ONLY be available tomorrow, because RIPT Apparel, like Teefury is a one limited design each day. So this will be a limited edition shirt. Check it out and check out the other RIPT apparel shirts.

If you want to see the progress of this design go to my previous blogpost

Inspiration-Sean Freeman

When it comes to creating some typography designs, Sean Freeman knows how to create them. His designs are very creative, blending from traditional hand drawn type to interesting blends and usage of pictures. To view his work go to

Click on the images to for a larger view.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Printing Company, Storenvy Giving Away 500 Shirts Designed by Godmachine

If you like free shirts, well then here's a message from a screenprinting company called Storenvy:

"Yes you read that title correctly! The awesome guys over at Storenvy are kicking off the new year in a big way, by giving away 500 FREE TEES! The tee was designed by the infamous GODMACHINE, whom which they told basically to go crazy and make it as difficult to print as possible. What resulted is a ten color intricate masterpiece! This shirt shows off the incredible Storenvy printing quality and of course how incredible of an illustrator Godmachine is.

Here are all the details straight from Storenvy :
Storenvy wants to give YOU a FREE shirt (designed by Godmachine)

2009 was 1 heck of a year for Storenvy Printing and we are not slowing down in 2010.
Our printing department went from a staff of only 9 people to now 35 in only 6 months. In February we are moving into our new 26,000 square foot facility with 2 new autos on the way and 1 more coming shortly afterwards. That would bring us up to 8 total machines. With plenty room to grow!


We are giving you a FREE tshirt designed by the great Godmachine to the first 500 people that contact us.
We had him design this shirt for you, told him to just go crazy. So he came up with this 10 color beast of beauty.
We are printing this on an American Apparel 2001 tee with a custom screen printed tag.

The only thing you need to qualify to get a free t-shirt is be able to say yes to 1 of the below.

1. Run or work for a Clothing Company.
2. Be in a band or work with bands (label, manager, booking agent, etc)
3. Be a graphic designer that designs t-shirts
4. Run some type of website that has to do with t-shirts, music, or the arts.
5. Work for some type of company that would need tshirts printed at some point.

If you are not 1 of the above just tell us why we should give you a tshirt and we will probably do so.

(insert design here)

This is what you need to do to get your free t-shirt.

email me at with the subject “Give me my free tshirt” and include the following information.

1. your name
2. email
3. your tshirt size
4. the company you work for (if there is one)
5. website url
6. Your Address!

We will start shipping these out in late January or early February.


Painting & Sculpture Inspiration-Ricky Swallow

Australian artist Ricky Swallow creates both sculptures and paintings. He's a very talented artist excelling in both. Here is a couple images. For more go to

Monday, January 18, 2010

How To Design A Grunge Style Portrait In Photoshop

Here's a simple tutorial in photoshop, but it can be good to add in your designs.


Open the photo of the lady in Photoshop and go to Image>Image size. Switch the width value to 2000px and make sure that “constrain proportions” is checked. We have resized the image because too large and it could be more difficult to find a texture of the same size.


With the Lasso tool select the head of the lady and add a layer mask (click on the “add layer mask button” at the bottom of the layer’s window). Layer mask is the best way to isolate an object without lose pixels. This is not a simple argument for Photoshop beginners, and I suggest you to read some articles about this topic that is fundamental if you want to seriously work with Photoshop.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spot Color Separation In Photoshop Video

If you're going to have art printed, it's highly recommended to give the printer a vector file. If you cannot and you want to give the printer a separated file, make sure it's sized they way you want it and it's a 300dpi image. Here is a video of separating the art in photoshop if you want to make the printer's job easier.

Spot Color Separations In Photoshop from Jimmy Heartcore on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Artist Zerobriant T-shirt Giveaway!

Anthony also known as Zerobriant has won again in the shirt contest His new shirt featuring a cool looking ninja is available now. HERE's the even better news, he's going give away a couple free shirts. How awesome is that?! Yes, I know. Pretty awesome. Here's the words from himself:

"Yes! Santa zero is still here for his late Christmas giveaway!
Haha, it has become my little tradition that every shirt design win
I get, I share something for all lucky winners:)
And this time, with this overwhelming feeling, I am giving away 2
“Death by Stealth” shirt for free including the shipping fee heheh!!

The trick is very easy, just post the shop link;
and discount code “MCC8UA until Jan.19” at your:

• twitter (let them follow the footsteps)
• blog (shirts, designs or any kind of cool blogs)
• facebook (you can also add me hehe and join my little fan page :)
• myspace (you can add me on my undated space :D)
• forums (is there a ninja forum? they have many symbols I guess)
• shirt sites like

and send me the link of that post that you just did:) post it here!
I will raffle the entries by end of this month. And whalah! you’ll get
a free shirt!

Bonus! anybody who sends me a photo of himself wearing this ninja shirt
can get a chance to win any shirt he likes here on DBH! The sickest and
coolest posing you can think of the better chances of winning hehe..

So what are you waiting for? post some fun now!! :D Thanks!!!"

The links
To the post click here
To purchase shirt right away Click here