Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Artist Zerobriant T-shirt Giveaway!

Anthony also known as Zerobriant has won again in the shirt contest DesignByHumans.com His new shirt featuring a cool looking ninja is available now. HERE's the even better news, he's going give away a couple free shirts. How awesome is that?! Yes, I know. Pretty awesome. Here's the words from himself:

"Yes! Santa zero is still here for his late Christmas giveaway!
Haha, it has become my little tradition that every shirt design win
I get, I share something for all lucky winners:)
And this time, with this overwhelming feeling, I am giving away 2
“Death by Stealth” shirt for free including the shipping fee heheh!!

The trick is very easy, just post the shop link
and discount code “MCC8UA until Jan.19” at your:

• twitter (let them follow the footsteps)
• blog (shirts, designs or any kind of cool blogs)
• facebook (you can also add me hehe and join my little fan page :)
• myspace (you can add me on my undated space :D)
• forums (is there a ninja forum? they have many symbols I guess)
• shirt sites like www.rumplo.com

and send me the link of that post that you just did:) post it here!
I will raffle the entries by end of this month. And whalah! you’ll get
a free shirt!

Bonus! anybody who sends me a photo of himself wearing this ninja shirt
can get a chance to win any shirt he likes here on DBH! The sickest and
coolest posing you can think of the better chances of winning hehe..

So what are you waiting for? post some fun now!! :D Thanks!!!"

The links
To the post click here
To purchase shirt right away Click here

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  1. wow! this is really amazing!! thanks joe!!!
    (do i sound like iam shouting? hehe just excited :D)