Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stunningly Fresh Shirt Design process for Branded Baron Apparel

Here is a quick process of the "Stunningly Fresh" design for Branded Baron that is available in a unisex longsleeve and men's t-shirt. I started with a sketch and once I liked what I had I scanned it. From there I brought it into Adobe Illustrator and started tracing it and using the pathfinder to merge or subtract images. I added would copy and place the image on top of one another and arrange it to my liking. The color is not an important factor until the design is complete. Once, the whole phrase is complete I started deciding whether or not the whole word should be filled in with color or have the background(shirt) peeking through. I decided it would be a cool look if there was a gradient. So, I had to bring the image into photoshop and play with the gradient tool and change it into a bitmap, before I brought it back into illustrator to finalize it. After that, I brought the phrase back into illustrator and live traced it, so it becomes a vector image. I arranged it and played with the colors. I thought Gray on a Navy blue shirt would be a nice color combo. Branded Baron ended up using that for the t-shirts and Gray and Black for the long sleeves. That's a quick little insight of the process of "Stunningly Fresh."


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