Thursday, September 30, 2010

Branded Baron's Sugar Skull Shirt

If you recall, I was working an illustration for a sugar skull theme.(Click here to view) Here is the final product that has been printed by Branded Baron. The black on white is a classic colorway that makes the art stand out. The Latin phrase that is above the head is, "Respice post te, mortalem te esse memento" translates to "Look around you, remember that you are mortal." I was inspired by the Day of the Dead and all sugar skull art, so I decided to work on my own design. It is great to see this t-shirt printed.

If you want to buy one for yourself go here:

This is the sketched stage:

Here is the final stage:


Inspiration: Typography by Palehorse

I would like to share some typography done by designer Chris Parks aka Palehorse. Chris has created various graphics from websites to package design to apparel graphics and I decided to focus on some of his typography pieces. Another interesting fact about him is he ran the Back In Black exhibit which focuses on t-shirt art done by today's hottest artists. The best part about the exhibit is that you choose what design you like that is showcased and you can own that design on a t-shirt, as it is silkscreened right then and there.
You can view more info here:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miles To Go Clothing Last print of Medusa design

There is a super limited to 11 on navy that will never print again, 9 hoodies and 50 of the black tees done by Miles To Go Clothing. This will most likely be the final print of this tee, ever. Pick yours up now. I bought my hoodie and t-shirt. This design was created by Godmachine and this illustration is probably one of my favorites coming from him.

Also, the mediums in Navy are sold out and I don't know what else has sold out, but buy before it's gone FOREVER.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Behind the scenes of Electric Zombie Winter 2010

If you haven't heard of Electric Zombie, it's definitely an interesting brand to check out. Kyle Crawford runs the company and the shirts he releases have good graphics. Sometimes they're bright and sometimes they're a little bit darker toned, but that's usually during the different seasons. His upcoming release looks promising, so check it out. Which t-shirt appeals to me the most? Hmmm.

Electric Zombie Behind the Scenes Fall - Winter 2010 from adam elmakias on Vimeo.

Video: All is well by Chris De La Rocha

This is a cool short little typographyc video. It's certainly an interesting and new approach that I think does a good job. So check out this Chris De la Rocha video that applauds one particular font and it isn't Helvetica.

All is well from Chris De la Rocha on Vimeo.

Simply Complicated Apparel 50% off next 24 hrs w/discount code

Simply Complicated was rooting for the Rams to win their football game today and they won. They promised a discount code, so "GORAMS" will get you 50% off all orders for the next 24 hours. I'd take the opportunity to purchase if I were you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Walk on the moon

Here's a concept that I wanted to try out. I have it by itself and even placed it on a tee, just to see what it would look like. I used a Nike Dunk High as the sneaker whiche the moon and space are in.What are your thoughts?

The Original human Pac-Man Performance by Guillaume Reymond

This video is very well done. The amount of time and effort for projects like this make videos like these more amazing. The sound does become a nuisance after awhile.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Reservoir Dogs Hoodie by Threadless

Hoodie season is right around the corner if you have not worn any yet. This classic Threadless design is a very clever take on the Quentin Tarantino movie "Reservoir Dogs". It's very clever using crayons for the characters Mr. Orange and Mr. White.I was so happy to find out that they reprinted the shirt and hoodie, so buy one if you want one, because who knows if they'll reprint this design again.


Inspiration: Joel Dos Reis Viegas

Joel Dos Reis Viegas, a.k.a. Feerik is a professional concept artist currently located in MontrĂ©al, Quebec. Joel has graduated from CFT Gobelins (Paris) with a degree in 2D/3D animation. With over 5 years of experience under his belt in the video game industry and in the animation, Joel is now a co-founder of of STEAMBOT Studios.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tutorial: Screenprint business cards from your home!

We all know how important a business card is and if there are any tips that can help you stand out from the crowd, then let's take a look. Jordan Metcalf gives a tutorial on how to create your own promo card from home through the use of screen printing. Take a look and maybe this can be very useful for you in the future.

Look at tutorial here

Inspiration: Hypoly aka James Chiny - Show Reel

Showreel 2010 from Hypoly on Vimeo.

James Chiny is a motion graphics artist with a passion for moving image design that is second to none. I find that his reel can be inspirational for all the people looking for creativity in the motion graphics field. You can view of his work at

Friday, September 17, 2010

Download Free High-Res Skate Deck Template

Here's a free high resolution skate deck template for you to mock up your designs. Let this help your proof look better to clients or allow it to be another outlet for cool artwork. Mock it up with trucks or without them. Created by Nuno Lopes.

Download here

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Regan Smith Clarke's Fall Preview

If you didn't know about the man with 3 last names Regan Smith Clarke, you should get familiar. Regan hails from Boston and his clothing company had a retro appreciation. He explains that each design has its own story to tell and you'll never doubt its authenticity. I own his tank which that particular design will be available as a t-shirt this fall(picture above). His style is very clean and vintage. Here is a taste of his fall line. Make sure to check out the clothing company, Regan Smith Clarke :

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Design a Sleek Website Interface in Photoshop by Gomediazine

It's been awhile, since I posted anything web relate so here's a good website interface tutorial from Gomediazine. Click here to read

Monday, September 13, 2010

Montreal Graffiti

I realized I did not post the pictures of the graffiti that I saw in Montreal. There were a ton of graffiti in Montreal and I did not expect that. This is only a sample of what I saw and the artists there are very talented. I missed some really good ones and I'm sure there are a bunch more that I did not see when I was there, but here is a sample of the art up in Canada.

                                Only problem I have with this, is that it looks like a rip of the Kat Von D painting.

I just thought this was funny.