Tuesday, May 31, 2011

365 Days of Creativity -Day 119-150

Damn...here is my little project of mine that I've been working on. I just have to keep the design gears moving. Some stuff are not great and some are ok.

Day 119-
Day 120-

Day 121-

Day 122-

Day 123- Working on the logo redesign for the company.-Design removed.

 Day 124-Rough draft for a flyer

Day 125-
Glimpse of another flyer

Day 126-

Day 127- Marauder sketch and sword

Day 128-

Day 129- 

Day 130-

Day 131-

Day 132-Worked on a circular pattern

Day 133-

Day 134-

Day 135-

Day 136-

Day 137-

Day 138-
 Part of a flyer design

Day 139- Glimpse on a project I'm involved with.

Day 140-Photography
Day 141-
Day 142- Design-Design taken down due to legal reasons.

Day 143-

Day 144- Now adding text

Day 145- Design finally complete and ready to be printed for a friend of mine who's participating in the Spartan Race this coming Saturday.

Day 146- Art for rapper Okwerdz

 Day 147-

Day 148-

Day 149-

Day 150- Part of a logo, I'm working on.

Dave Rapoza TMNT Illustrations

WOW...Just wow! The illustrations that Dave Rapoza came up with is unbelievable. They are amazing and his interpretation is great. These portraits have character and execute a bit of a realistic approach rather than the cartoon style that the teenage mutant ninja turtles are known for. I'm digging Donatello, April, and the Footclan Ninja the most. I think the Footclan ninja is super badass with the texture and the ripped mask. The lighting on that picture works very well. Definitely check out the work by Dave Rapoza at http://www.daverapoza.com

Click on the images to enlarge

Monday, May 30, 2011

Create magical scenes using custom brushes

In this tutorial artist will show you some powerful features of brushes. Start with a musical note shape to create a custom brush and deal with some options like shape dynamics and scattering.

To read the tutorial click here

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2012

The 2012 Sketchbook Project, is something that you should check out and would be a fun project indeed.

"Art House Co-op just launched the 2012 Sketchbook Project in an effort to create the world’s largest library of artists’ sketchbooks. Building from the success of the 2011 Project, which featured more than 10,000 books from 94 countries, the Brooklyn-based organization revealed plans to take the 2012 Tour around the world for the first time.

The Sketchbook Project encourages artists of all backgrounds to sign up online and receive a blank sketchbook by mail. The completed books are then sent back to Art House and exhibited at partner venues across the globe, before being cataloged in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library.
In addition to a ten-city tour across the United States, the 2012 Project will visit Toronto, Vancouver, London and Melbourne, marking the traveling library’s first international exhibitions. Patrons visit the library to explore the collection, checking out sketchbooks and interacting with participating artists and Art House librarians. Artists are notified electronically when their books are viewed – from anywhere in the world.

Participants come from diverse backgrounds – working artists, full-time parents, busy professionals, students – but unite to share their process with each other and the public. The Sketchbook Project unites creative people of all ages and backgrounds to foster process and dialogue across cultural and geographic boundaries. It’s also a lot of fun.
To participate in the project and to get a sketchbook that will go on the tour, please click here.
Thanks and have fun!"

Ink Pad for the iPad - Vector Program

There's this vector program you can use on your iPad called "Inkpad". I heard it was simple, intuitive, and you can save your work as a pdf, so you can open it up in Illustrator. Now that's great. I always wanted to be able to work on something on my iPad, since I find iPads to be pointless. It's available for $2.99 at the iTunes store.

This is what one designer was able to do using it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

2 Cool BE STREET T-shirts designed by Nikibi

T-shirt company Be Street has some well illustrated t-shirts. Two that caught my eye were done by Nikibi. I like the typography for the Be Street logo t-shirt and I'm a fan of the illustration of "Football". I like that Be Street hires some very talented illustrators for some of their tees, which I feel helps them stand out a bit. That being said, they also have some designs that I'm not too crazy about and are more parody driven. You can purchase their t-shirts here

Friday, May 20, 2011

8 Tips for Using Social Blogging to Grow Your Business by INC. Magazine

If you want to run a business or looking for some extra advice, then Inc.com is a very good website. This particular article I found to be very useful for anyone who's into blogging or social media. The title says it all, "8 Tips for using social blogging to grow your business."

Click here to read

Doctor Hazmat 15% off discount until June 1st

Hello everyone. I want to let you know that Doctor Hazmat tees are 15% off with the discount code DH15. They are fun and quirky shirts and maybe you'll like SuperHazmat. You can purchase the new tee he has for pre-order. If you want one you better hurry, because sizes are going to be sold out.