Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEW T-shirt Contest Site "" is a new t-shirt design site that deals specifically with mma and martial arts. It is good to see this site out, since there has been a surge of mma clothing companies due to mma being so huge. It's not specifically for MMA, but you can submit boxing designs, jiu jitus, kickboxing designs, etc. The current designs for sale are nothing amazing and some of the designs that have been submitted don't look that great. If you have time to submit a design, I think it's worth trying. The winning prize isn't so high like Threadless or DesignbyHumans, it is only $200.  So, if you have an original design laying around or you can come up with a design that you believe is worth $200 then submit it. I'm sure once FightClubTees starts selling more tees and become more popular they'll dish out more money to the winners.

Below are two designs being sold.

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