Tuesday, May 31, 2011

365 Days of Creativity -Day 119-150

Damn...here is my little project of mine that I've been working on. I just have to keep the design gears moving. Some stuff are not great and some are ok.

Day 119-
Day 120-

Day 121-

Day 122-

Day 123- Working on the logo redesign for the company.-Design removed.

 Day 124-Rough draft for a flyer

Day 125-
Glimpse of another flyer

Day 126-

Day 127- Marauder sketch and sword

Day 128-

Day 129- 

Day 130-

Day 131-

Day 132-Worked on a circular pattern

Day 133-

Day 134-

Day 135-

Day 136-

Day 137-

Day 138-
 Part of a flyer design

Day 139- Glimpse on a project I'm involved with.

Day 140-Photography
Day 141-
Day 142- Design-Design taken down due to legal reasons.

Day 143-

Day 144- Now adding text

Day 145- Design finally complete and ready to be printed for a friend of mine who's participating in the Spartan Race this coming Saturday.

Day 146- Art for rapper Okwerdz

 Day 147-

Day 148-

Day 149-

Day 150- Part of a logo, I'm working on.


  1. I have to say that you are very creative. The innovative idea is clearly visible in your work. The collection given in this post is very impressive. I really like work on blue T-shirt. All the sketches are very nicely portrayed. Thanks for the work.

    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate you taking the time for responding to this post.