Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lady Gaga designs cover in Microsoft Word

Oh how awesome is this?! That was sarcasm if you weren't sure. Lady Gaga created her cover art for her single "Judas" using microsoft word and her cellphone. Great! DIY is cool sometimes, but only if done right. I personally am not a fan when bands do that. I have a friend who does all the design work for his band on his own. It drives me nuts when he knows I can do it. It's like pulling teeth sometimes trying to get to do some artwork. I know people say working with bands aren't great, because they have no money or maybe shady, but if they can afford to pay a designer then dish out the money for some good design. Sorry for the rant, but I digress from the original post. Lady Gaga explains her thought process for the art like taking a picture with her cellphone, so the image will have texture in this video. Enjoy....if you can.


  1. This is creative method which you have provided here. Lady Gaga is my favorite singer. I really like the way you have represented her in designing covers for Microsoft Word. Thanks for the post. Keep it up. You are doing excellent work.