Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Electric Zombie New Release!

Electric Zombie has released a bunch of new t-shirts, hoodies,  flip flops, cinch bags, and posters, the only thing they're missing is the kitchen sink. Owner Kyle Crawford does a very good job coordinating his minions, I mean artists to stick with the aesthetic for his brand. I'm usually a fan of his winter release, since the designs are toned down and not so bright and in your face, but these are good.
Some of the highlights would be the Slasher hoodie. It has custom splatters, the inside of the hoodie looks like Freddie Krueger, and the obvious color scheme like his sweater. The Inspector Gadget influenced t-shirt Madd Man Black is great and a nice throwback. The print looks amazing. The Shao Kahn and Predator designs come in a t-shirt and as an 18 x 24 digital print. Another throwback is the Zed from Power Rangers tee.

The designs are coherent with Electric Zombie, which is important for a brand. Consistency is needed and there are other independent brands and small companies that do not keep with their image and theme. If you love horror and gore this is a company for you. Usually Electric Zombie has toned down color and more mature designs in the winter, but some of these tees are too good to not be picked up. This an amazing release of items!

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