Friday, April 29, 2011

Coolest Social Studies Classroom by Higher Level Art

Check out this video done by Higher Level Art. They transform two social studies classrooms for  Holmes High School and Middle School in Covington, Kentucky into a very elaborate exciting room full of art. This was done in 10 days and it's an amazing job that was done. Watch the process of how this gets done.I don't think anyone will fall asleep in this class room, if anything the students will be distracted by the art in the room. Very well done.

For those that don't know Higher Level Art is a company that specializes in murals, signs, and a variety of exclusive custom projects. The Higher Level Art team is a group of creative, well rounded artists and craftsmen. Our artists have a wide range of skills and experiences that enable our team to adapt to various client requests.

More on Higher Level Art here

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