Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, I'm a fan of Zerobriant's work as you can tell by some posts I've made. I receive an e-mail from him telling me how grateful he is for the promo I give him and he was so thankful that he had Design By Humans send me a shirt. Now I was planning on picking up the "Never as it seems" shirt, especially since I thought he should have won the DBH 10K contest. I really appreciate the shirt and I was excited when I received it in the mail.

In the photo it looks brighter, but the ink is a bit dull. It's more cool gray than blue. The shirts are always soft the print looks good and it's very to be worn. Part of the design is printed over the seams of the right sleeve and it came out really well. Usually when you print over the seams you see a streak, because it's not a flat surface so there's a little error. Design By Humans always produces good stuff. This shirt is an eye catcher definitely. Thank you Zerobriant.


  1. wow looks awesome to me! :D thank you so much joe! great post :D did you see the bonus star wars character on top of the lighthouse? hehe :D

  2. is that darth vader? I had to go back and look.