Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some kind of artists featuring ME

My former coworker and friend Dana Calabrese has a blog called "Some kind of artist" and she featured me along with other wonderful artists. Not all are digital artists, some are singers, photographers, or as she puts it "some kind of artist." She has me as a clothing designer for the work I've done for Branded Baron which is cool and I thank her for it. So, Dana I know you're reading this, Thank you!

The other artists are talented and Dana is as well. She's a very creative person and I think right now she's working in L.A. as a photo retoucher, but when she gets in her zone she creates some awesome work. I know she loves photography and she has fun when she works in photoshop as well. Definitely check out her blog, because there are some good posts on photography and art related stuff as well.

See the feature here:

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