Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Golden State Warriors Logo....Eh

It seems that the design trend is go retro. Everybody wants to reminiscence or take it back to what it once was. Well the Utah Jazz reverted back to their old logo that was in '96 and now Golden State wants a retro feel. They want to show homage to the old uniforms from the '60's. When I was growing up in the 90's I never liked any of the Warriors jerseys. The blue and gold looked too plain and I thought the California state on the jersey looked terrible. I thought it was a sock, until one time I realized it was California. It made sense after that, because why would they have sock when they were the warriors?

This what Warriors President Robert Rowell had to say about the idea for the new logo:

"The throwback uniforms we've worn as part of the NBA's Hardwood Classics initiative in recent years have been extremely popular with our fans, and we set out to design a new look that was clean and traditional in that same spirit. We are grateful to the NBA and adidas for providing us with a magnitude of creative freedom, along with invaluable expertise, during this process."

Now I'm not upset that they went retro, but what bothers me is that it doesn't look like it's a logo for a basketball team. That looks a generic Bay Area logo with the team name around it. It's simple, which is fine, but it doesn't mean it is creative or good. Also, there wasn't a better font than Copperplate? That's a generic font that I've seen other companies use for ads and logos. 

The current logo was cool, but clean. It had a mascot of a warrior with a mask holding a lightning bolt showing they're ready for war. The basketball in the background had a slight finesse, but it wasn't boring. It just seems frustrating that companies pay big bucks for crappy designs. The designer probably took down all the correct information, but just put together a bunch of ideas together and the Warriors probably wanted simpler. 

I'm not a Golden State Warriors fan at all, but when I was growing up I always had fun coming up and drawing my versions of all the NBA team logos. I feel my 7yr old self had a better logo for the Warriors then they do now. I'm disappointed since I like sports logos.

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