Friday, June 25, 2010

The Vader Project

I'm no Star Wars geek and will never understand why people go gaga over it, but Darth Vader has been a universally cool and badass character. The Vader Project is a great collection of 100 stylized Darth Vader helmets created from various artists. It has toured the whole and will come to an end where each will be auctioned off in Philadelphia.

This is what was said from the website:
"To view the complete catalog online go to:

Curated and produced by Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks of DKE Toys (,
The Vader Project features 100 of the best underground artists and designers working today.  “From a simple idea in 2005 to a record-setting exhibition in 2009, it’s time for our child to venture forth into the world,” Kelemer and Marks said. “We are pleased to have partnered with Freeman’s to make these fine pieces of art available to the public for the first time.”
For this unique project, each artist customized a 1:1 scale authentic prop replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet featured in the STAR WARS™ films. Notable artists involved with the project include:Shag, Peter Kuper, Jermaine Rogers, Gary Baseman, BXH, Tim Biskup, The Pizz, Dalek, Paul Frank, Ron English, Jeff Soto, Michelle  Valigura, Frank Kozik, Plasticgod, Simone Legno - Tokidoki, Bill McMullen,  Secret Base, Joe Ledbetter, Alex Pardee, Suckadelic, Cameron Tiede, Mister  Cartoon, Marc Ecko, and Amanda Visell.
This particular is my personal favorite with the use of the army helmet and the skull to show the destruction that Darth Vader brings. It's overall a cool and eery piece of art.
To view more info on the purchasing one of these helmets, visit :

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