Thursday, September 22, 2011

7th Ink Releases Haunted Collection Series 2

3 new designs that are out on t-shirts and hoodies from 7th Ink. There's an nifty laser engraved wooden box set that contains all the shirts, but for $95.00.  The best piece out from 7th Ink's latest collection is the "Midnight Owl" which has two different colorways, the blue colorway is limited to 10 pieces. I remember voicing my opinion when Matt asked publicly which of the 4 colorways worked best for this design. I think the outcome is very well done, with the owl being very eery and for lack of a better word haunting. It's by far the best piece with the red or blue colored circular pattern in the background.  The design that I am not a fan of at all is "Shakespeare's Wolf". That is released on a navy blue tee and navy blue hoodie. I believe he nailed it with the colors, but the illustration does not strike me as one that should be worn. He made a werewolf and added a skull with the quote from Hamlet to give it a theme, but it's just not horrifying cool.

The tees are $25 while the hoodie is $45 and they come with a limited edition wooden engraved coin. 7th ink prints on American Apparel. Having owned t-shirts from them, the colors are nice and the ink doesn't fade. The downside is that it's a bit heavy and think if they printed with waterbase or discharge inks, it would make it top notch. The personal touch added to the package is great for brand loyalty, but I believe Matt does it with a sincere "thank you" to all those who purchased from his company. So, when you receive that note thanking you and hoping you enjoy that shirt, feel good that he cares about you, the customer. Overall, it's a good release and from a brand that cares on providing you with something awesome to wear.

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