Friday, September 16, 2011

Jay Wise Shoelace Design Process

It's been awhile since I posted a design of mine, so here is the latest creation. Hip Hop artist Jay Wise is a "sneakerhead", he literally has two closet full of sneakers and he wanted his name created in shoelaces. I originally took a pair of shoelaces and tried creating his name with them. I wanted to get the shapes, take a picture, and work on it on the computer. Well, the shoelaces did not go as planned and were quite difficult to form a letter, although I was able to create a mean "O", but there's no "O" in Jay Wise. I decided that sketching would obviously work best, so I sketched it out and finally came up with one I liked.

*Serious inquiries only if you are interested in having me design a sneaker shoelace design 

The design was only going to work in script, but I wanted it to be fun and wavy.  I felt I was able to achieve that when I worked on it in Illustrator. I like the text by itself, but felt it needed an outline, which I feel is better. Lucky for me, Jay loved them both, so they'll be used in designs for him.

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  1. This is Dope! How can I get one made bro? I need one that says "The Dopest"

  2. hey im a artist that has been looking for a graphic like this for a long time. i was wondering if you would be willing to sell me a design of yours like this. i would want the letters in the shoe lace font to say:




    please let me know if i can hire your services, i will using these designs for tee shirts hoodies etc
    my email is: and my name is Ray
    thanks again for your time and great design

  3. I never expected this design to be so popular. I receive e-mails with people asking me to design their phrase into this style or if I have it as a font. I'm appreciative you all like it.

  4. Interesting design,came across it through Wale's logo..Can I get one done & are there any web based generators that can create this?

  5. how much for something that says "Coming of Age"?? $15?