Monday, February 20, 2012

Gridiron League by Wes Kull

Football season may be over(Go Giants!), but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the logos designed by Wes Kull. He created this personal project to pay homage to the vintage football logos of the past. I have to disagree with him saying that some of the newer logos for some of the teams do not do the football team justice by ignoring their heritage. He may think that they're too commercial, but I think that's fine and it still gives the logos a badass modern twist. Anyway I'm not here to argue his thought on that, but to showcase what he has done. Some of these look good and some not so much. Wes admits that not all of the teams needed a revamped logo, which I agree, but if you're going to redesign a team you might as well do them all. I definitely applaud him for his effort and think his goal was reached. You can view all of his Gridiron-League logos at

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