Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tees from Labyrinth Clothing

Labyrinth is a t-shirt line that has some great soft shirts with clean designs. I'm a fan and I now own 2 tees. The tees are affordable with the most expensive tee being $18. There are other items like a hoodie and a backpack, so I would check them out most definitely.

The two shirts that I own are "Portal" which is based on Ancient Mayan labyrinths. The shirt is more maroon than what you see online, but it's a nice color indeed. The other design I own is the "Infinite" tee which is a cool clean design. The prints are soft just like the tees and I recommend you grab a tee or two. Labyrinth is a brand you should definitely check out and I will continue to see what they are doing in the future.

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