Monday, May 25, 2009

TeeFury.Com Monster Collaboration Shirt Out On THURSDAY is a cool site that features an exclusive t-shirt design that is sold for one day at $9. It promotes the featured artist and helps you get to know the artist a bit with it's questionnaire. Everyday there is a different shirt, so if your taste in the tee of the day isn't you, then there's tomorrow.

Teefury has a collaboration t-shirt with many different artists and designers for their Thursday release. The theme was "Monsters", which was inspired by the children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" that is now being made into a feature film. I have submitted my monster and after seeing what the shirt will look like, I like the placement of where it is. You can actually see a piece of my creature in the picture above. Proceeds for the tee will be donated to charity. is currently working with I believe that is what made me want to submit a cool monster for this design, because the proceeds will be going to charity. I would probably have done one if it was just a collaboration, but I like the idea that it is going to charity.


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