Monday, May 11, 2009

Why do you charge so cheap? Article from SOS Factory

Sergio Ordonez of SOS Factory is a designer/illustrator based out of Spain and he has written on an important subject on his blog, Pricing. If you take a gander at his site, you will see that he is talented and produces quality work. He lists his pricing on his website and apparently other designers and illustrators have been sending him e-mails complaining about his pricing. I understand where he is coming from about charging what he does whether you're only starting out or you do not have the clients that pay the price that they should be paying. He also lists his reasons for what degrades the design business. One of those reasons are design schools. It is worth reading what one designer's reasoning is for his prices. You may find his reasoning nonsense or not, but I know we will agree to disagree.

From SOS Newbie:

How much should i charge?
They always refer me to the designers ethic code, the one that tells you what you have to do in every moment… But what happens if i don’t have many clients but i have bills to pay?, Will the code author come to pay them?
Codes are fine, they help to understand the profession… but only you can price your work


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