Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Branded Baron T-shirt "Astrohop" Available Online

Branded Baron released this new shirt and I designed it. I was excited to see it printed up and it looks really hot. I had thought of creating a hip hop astronaut that's style is out of this world for over a year. It seems like astronauts are becoming a trend as late, but I had this idea for awhile. It came to see the light of day not too long ago. It was printed on a light blue shirt that is very soft. It's definitely fashionable, so if you purchase and want it baggy, get it a size up. There's a video of this design being printed on the Branded Baron blog http://www.brandedbaron.com/blog This design was fun to do and I like that I put part of the moon in the helmet. This is definitely a Stunningly Fresh shirt. You can purchase this shirt here http://www.brandedbaron.com/product/astrohop

Check out the rest of the Branded Baron site, I created a bunch of designs for this company. http://www.brandedbaron.com

Use the promo code "deviant" in the coupon box and you'll have 12% off your entire order.

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