Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mathiole Interview By

Mathiole( is an artist that I enjoy following, because the pieces he come up with are so compelling. They're very vibrant and he knows how to use watercolor to create very interesting and sometimes funny art. He's won many t-shirt design competitions, especially from Design By Humans, which is probably why they interviewed him. He is only a recent college grad, so his work will be interesting to watch mature. He's a one question and answer from the interview:

When I think Mathiole, I think watercolors- in designs like Ecstacy and SeaSick Symphony, you’ve used those huge splashes of color to great effect! How did you start to develop this style? Do you have any tips for other artists who would like to begin experimenting with watercolor?

Well, it was a natural choice. Since I was a kid and started drawing, I hated colored pencils, crayons and pastels. I tried oil-based ink, acrylics, but didn’t like the results. Then, when I started my drawing lessons, I started using Ecoline (like a liquid watercolor), and from that I got better results and became more interested for colors. In college, right from the beginning, I had classes about the theory of color, and it helped me a lot, because although practice is very important, theory helps us see through things.

Using watercolor was a natural choice of my style, from the moment I decided not to do images which were purely digital and started searching for the beauty in imperfection of the handmade drawing.

A lot of people ask me how I do all this watercolor effects. Well, they are not effects, they are made in paper, it is real watercolor, only scan it! We live in a time so digital and technological, and that to me seems do alien some artists. They forget they can use a real brush, instead of a Photoshop filter. So my tip is: practice! And don’t be afraid to experiment. Forget a little about Photoshop and Illustrator and look for real effects. Not only with watercolor, but with everything! Use charcoal, coffee, whatever! Even if those experiments don’t bring an immediate result to the work, with time there will be evolution. You can’t be afraid to make a mistake or be lazy enough to practice.


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