Friday, February 26, 2010

Save Metal Ink Shop Design & Model Contest

Another contest site is calling it quits. It is a shame, because these design contest sites provided such a great outlet for people to have their designs printed and earn some extra cash. With a sea full of design contests sites like Threadless & DesignByHumans it's hard for the other companies to emerge to the elite. Everyone needs some sort of gimmick to be afloat or something that makes them stand out. I like what Metal Ink Shop provided, which was a design contest and a model contest. The target market was geared towards the tattoo crowd, but since it's calling it quits for lack of funding maybe the fad of the tattoo t-shirts are going fading. Ed Hardy & Affliction and all of its clones are on its way out. Maybe since people aren't spending as much the dishing out the $700 cash prize for a design, excluding the award for the model could take a toll on their business plan.
I personally felt Metal Ink provided some cool artwork and introduced some new artists. There model contest was cool too, because it provided upcoming models with a chance to win some money and a free photoshoot. I submitted a design, but it doesn't seem it will be accepted for voting, which is a shame, because I thought it would be cool and fit the demographic. I know I should've submitted it earlier, but I was in talks of a company of selling it, but that didn't pan out. You try to make the best decisions and you learn from them. Either way support Metal Ink by purchasing some shirts and voting on the designs and models.

Here are words from the Metal Ink Shop:
Maiden of the Month & Design Contests
To Be Paused...

Dear Members of Metal Ink,

It is with deep regret that we inform you of a sudden change in events. Due to lack of funding, our Maiden & Design Contests need to be paused until further notice. For now, our last Maiden of the Month contest will be March and our last Design Challenge will be "Everybody Loves Maidens." The winners of these contests will be awarded $300 in store credit only.

We hope that in the near future, we will be able to bring back both contests in full. To that end, we are asking for your support by launching a campaign to SAVE METAL INK!

Here's how you can help:
Purchase Metal Ink apparel. Remember, a percentage of our sales goes right back to the artist who submitted the design.
Introduce your friends to Metal Ink. Using your Personal URL, you can get $3 of store credit for every purchase new members make! Read our FAQs about how to use Personal URLs.

Tell us how you feel by posting on our Forum. We would love to know your thoughts on how we can improve our products and services!

Metal Ink Crew

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