Friday, February 26, 2010

Ventilate Poster Series 3 THEME: 2000

The website Ventilate asked a couple of artists to participate in their third poster series. The theme was 2000 and none of the artists had the Y2k bug stopping them. They asked the artists What inspired you ten years ago? What was it that caused you to strive forward? What enticed you to experiment and push boundaries? The artists that participated were Joshua Smith aka Hydro74, Marco Vinicio, Jois Tai & Rex Advincula, Jason Doherty, Jodi Terwilliger, and Michael & Yuko Brown. All of the posters are free and ready for print at 300dpi. It's great that you can get some cool artwork to have your room, office, etc. and do not have to dig into your pockets for them. It's interesting to see how these artists interpret this theme. I know it's personal, but maybe you would think that they would be very similar. You can download the other poster series as well. Click here to viewPoster Series 3

Jason Doherty

Joshua Smith aka Hydro74

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