Monday, March 1, 2010

Link 75 Skull tees that don't suck @ IAMTHETREND

One blog I like to check regularly is IAmTheTrend. They feature articles on clothing(mostly t-shirts), art, music, and film. This one article. I think with the flooded t-shirts with skulls due to Ed Hardy & Affliction there are some creative skull tees. Now I know skulls on t-shirts have been around for a while, but it seems that they were popularized a little more when those two companies became a trend. I collaborated a t-shirt design for Branded Baron with designer Collision Theory aka A.J. Dimarucot and I have to say it would have definitely made this. When that is released I'll post it and maybe my portion of the design process. You can view the rest of the article here: Some of the shirts I agree with and others don't, but it must've been hard to choose the top 75. The first image was available by Public Domain Clothing.




Blackbird Clothing


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