Friday, May 28, 2010

David Airey's 15 pieces of advice for Self-Employment

David Airey's is a designer who has very useful information on his blog. His latest post discusses 15 pieces of advice for designers who want or are in the self-employment biz. I personally like the fourth rule and even though I've been designing for a couple years, pricing still seems to be tricky at times. Here are couple of his advice.

1. Look at the big picture

Creating a modern business plan will help you think through the hard issues.

2. Tell your friends and family about your self-employment

You never know what contacts they might have. Those close to you will want to help.

3. You will lose potential clients because your pricing is too high

But also because it’s too low. Whether you like it or not, the rates you set will immediately give others a perception about the quality of your design work.

4. Don’t stress about pricing

Design pricing is something independent graphic designers struggle with at some point. The best way to learn is through experience, and remember, you can always negotiate your price down from your initial quote, but never up, so if in doubt aim high.

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  1. Thanks very much for the mention, Joe. Glad there's some info of use on my blog.