Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Design 101-Convert all fonts to outline

For those that do not know, whether you're a new to graphic design or a client interested in learning more to help out your designer when you're going to send artwork to the printer please convert all your text to outline. I was working with a client earlier and was sent an illustrator file to work with and the file was to be warped before sent for printing. Well needless to say the text wasn't in outline form, but it just so happened that I did have the font my client sent.  Not everyone is going to have the font you have, so instead of the designer or printer opening up a file with their default font convert your fonts to outline. When you're using illustrator you can go to the top menu. Go to Type> create outlines or control, shift, "o" at the same time for the shortcut. When it's in outline, you can size it, distort it however way you want it. It makes everything easier.

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