Monday, August 9, 2010


UPDATE: This Font is no longer free. Please view to purchase

Joshua Smith posted a font to download for free. Here is what he had to say about this font and the reasoning why he's making it free :

"When I got back recently from LA I wanted to work on a really raw street tag font with a slight greaser vibe. Nothing over the top, but just to get started in creating some new typefaces. Use and abuse this one. Pretty much a free resource. If you dig this font, check out my others at my store. There are a bunch of cheap ones and some really nice scripts there too.

Just so you know. I really appreciate a majority of designers out there. Also I know that things have been rough with design lately due to economic shifts and layoffs. This is my way of showing the community that I love a little support. This typeface isn’t for everyone, I know, but it could help on something and maybe help add that edge to a piece that you can invoice for. It’s not much, but just my way of giving back!"

To Download go here:


  1. can someone email the font?
    the link is broken.

  2. The font was taken down, but it looks to be up for sale at