Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ShirtFight.com $5 FINAL SALE

So, Jud of ShirtFight.com has put all the men and women t-shirts for $5. Some sizes are sold out, so pick up a shirt before your size is sold out. I previously owned a Shirt Fight tee. The Beautiful Outlaw by Evanimal(below). Unfortunately most of the sizes are gone in that design except XL and XXL in men, but if you're that size I recommend this shirt, since it is one of their best designs.  I snagged the Knuckle Collision, which needed a reprint and now only XL are left.  The shirts are printed on American Apparel and are

Also, the site is up for sale, so if you're interested or know of someone who's interested investing in the domain and website you should contact Jud. This site was a t-shirt competition site and could be back up and running again with a new owner. It had great potential, I'm not a fan of most of the designs, but there were some pretty good ones. Maybe it can be someone's brand or another competition site or a cool blog, the possibilities are there. In the meantime whatever is left try and buy it.

One more thing, Jud predicts there may be some shirts left over and would like to donate the rest to a charity. If you know of a charity, please e-mail him.

SALE ENDS Dec. 15th!

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