Friday, December 3, 2010

Link: The Marketing Magic Behind Harry Potter

This a very good article whether you're a small company or someone with a product and looking to expand into business. There are five points discussed in this article. They are:
1. A Good Product
2. Emotional Involvement
3. Word-of-Mouth Marketing and an Online Buzz
4. Tease and Perpetual Marketing
5. Brand Consistency and Restraint

I feel even as a design you can use what is said in the article and help market yourself as a designer. Maybe you do not agree with what is mentioned, but it a good article to have seen.

"The story of Harry Potter on the printed page and big screen is just as magical as the story of Harry Potter from a marketing and branding perspective, and it's one that all marketers and business owners can learn from.
Here are five key elements that helped drive the success of the Harry Potter brand, which small business owners can implement, too. While your level of success might not reach the multi-billion dollar brand value that Harry Potter has reached, by applying these strategies to your marketing plan, you'll position yourself for long-term, sustainable business growth."

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