Thursday, December 30, 2010

Metal Ink website is up for sale

I made a post about Metal Ink Shop last February about saving the site, but now this once tattoo style t-shirt contest site is up for sale. It had the potential to be a really good site, but when you're doing a contest site and you're constantly dishing out cash prizes, you need to be making some revenue to compensate for the prizes. It's a shame that companies like these go under or any company for that matter, but you need traffic and people buying to continue. Yes, you may have plenty of artists compete, but I know some that although they do submit they do not buy. I always thought that was odd to create a certain look many times, but not interested in purchasing anything similar that, just designing it. I feel with contest sites you should like what they're selling or if you're submitting you would definitely wear what you created. It bugs me, since this is not a job, but more a fun part of the graphic design field. I don't know. Either way contact and maybe you can revamp this site to your own liking. Maybe a clothing line with nothing, but metallic ink on all apparel. Just a thought.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.... Keep it up good going...Thanks