Saturday, July 17, 2010

Logo Lounge's Article on 2010 Logo Trends

Logo Lounge has an article every year discussing logo trends. Some of them I agree with and see all the time and other's not so much. Designer and Logo Lounge head Bill Gardner discusses details that are now much more important than before. Here is a blurb from his article,
"brightness in hue has become pervasive, likely due to the public’s eye being thoroughly trained now for light-projected, on-screen color. We now live in a RGB, not a CMYK world."

Some of the current trends today in logo identity are Cubists, Shift, & Parts(although I see this in many designs not including logos, but one example is the new Expendables movie). Plenty of circular designs have surfaced, especially when the last Presidential race was happening. I recommend you read the article, maybe you're creating some of these trends already or maybe you might. So if you need some inspiration when you're in a creative block check out this link. 

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