Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Portfolio site on the way

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Companies rebrand themselves every couple of years and I think to brand myself as a more serious designer(not that I'm saying that I am not, which I am) I should showcase my designs in a more professional site. I liked how my current site is simple and firmly believe that the designs are what's important, I feel there are ways where you can improve on it. It is crucial that any website has to be easy to navigate, but if you can add some flare it doesn't hurt. When it comes to targeting a client, you want to have designs that will jump out and speak to them, so it is important to have the perfect examples for them. Before you can have the client go cocoa for cocoa puffs over your work, the presentation must be there from the start. I believe that when my new portfolio site is up, I will be able to gain more people to view my site(of course marketing is needed) and be able to look and read about all the work I've created.

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