Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ryan August of IWantYourSkull-Donation to assist his family from Hydro74

Ryan August owner of the recently passed away. If you check it out you'll see that he was involved in the art community with his project. I'm sure there may be a possibility to buy some of the limited edition magazines, but right now I am uncertain when they will ship. His wife wrote on the blog that she will continue to honor his commitments when she can. Joshua Smith aka Hydro74 has some prints and attired for auction, which all the proceeds will go towards August's family. He explains his reasoning on a forum on, "My first thought was what if I passed and and what I would have to offer up to my family. I can't say I have much being a full-time freelancer, as we all know it's a struggle to make ends meet from time to time and any savings tends to be eaten by any lingering debts. So i can only imagine that added stress that his wife must feel on top of this tragic event. " You can read it here : and you can read the recent thread about his passing here: If you can bid. If the situation happened to you, what would you like to be done?

9 prints by Hydro74

IWantYouSkull Magazine cover:

Images of the book:

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