Monday, January 24, 2011

365 Days of Creativity -Day 24

This is the Darth Vader design that I was working on. I call it "Oakland Vader". I was listening to a Swollen Members song where "raiders" and "darth vader" were rhymed and the concept hit me. Also, I think it fits since it's still football season. I recreated the shield, the font, and of course I drew Darth Vader's head. It was a fun little concept to work on.


By no means am I a Star Wars geek. I don't understand the whole Star Wars obsession, because it's an okay series. Entertaining, but not worth going gaga over. Darth Vader is a badass character in general, so that didn't bother me. BUT if anyone from the Lucasfilm Ltd or anyone has a license rights to Star Wars characters, I would create some really good designs.

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