Thursday, January 6, 2011

365 Days of Creativity -Day 6

Here's a sketch that I was working on earlier in the day. I came across a lot of stock photos and photos reference in my laptop. I have a Powerbook, so you can say it's a bit "dated". I'm glad I came across the folder while I was viewing them, because it sparked some ideas for the future of this daily project. I'm definitely hoping to improve as a designer and as an artist in a year.
       I sketched this a face, just trying to get back into the routine of drawing faces again. I feel as though I haven't kept my fine arts talent up to date when it relies on portraits, so my talent isn't where it should be. Then again, I'm a graphic designer with illustration skills and I'm better at the computer, although I believe you should be good at both on and off the computer. I do constantly sketch through my sketchbooks, but lately I've been feeling in a funk when just working on my own stuff. Hopefully this pushes me.

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