Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Johnny Cupcakes London Cartoon

For those of you that don't know the clothing company Johnny Cupcakes, it is a cool Boston company focusing the designs around cupcakes. Mr. Johnny Cupcakes, John Earle, created this company as a joke and eventually it became a million dollar company. The designs are fun, clean, simple, and quirky. The tees are pricey, but Johnny Cupcakes likes to make only a small amount of shirts which make them exclusive. He's constantly releasing new designs and has a 3 shops, two in the Boston area and 1 in Los Angeles. He's about to open his 4th shop in London.

His branding is all about himself and being a fun and family type of guy. He's an everyday guy that inspires many people and his fanbase is huge. I've met him twice and he cares about his customers. He's always trying to come up with creative ways to get people involved and interested in his brand. The brand development is amazing and he's done something new that no clothing line has really played around with....animation. This is an animation promoting his London store opening. It may not be the greatest cartoon, but it gives him an edge of being the first one to do it and gives his customers something to look forward for. I've seen this video being passed along and I am continuing that as well.

I do think that his marketing of his brand is brilliant and worth looking at. If you are ever around to see one of his lectures, you should head to it. His style is unorthodox, since he didn't go to business school and dropped out of college. It's different, but I'm sure you may learn a thing or two that could be useful in your business.

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