Wednesday, March 23, 2011

365 Days of Creativity -Day 71-80

Hey, I know it's been awhile since I've updated these. I decided since I've been busy, I will update these at the end of the week. The next update for this will be on the 27th. Unfortunately I did miss one day, which I'm really pissed and got pretty sad about, because it was a goal of mine to work on this everyday. Sometimes life happens where you cannot control what goes on. Anyway I've been sketching a bit and jotting down ideas, before I decide to follow through with them.

Day 70-

Day 71- I was watching the Roast of Donald Trump when I was designing this for hip hop artist Jay Wise. He makes references to space, so I thought having planets and elements of space in his name made sense.
 Day 72- I was playing with ink and it got stuck to the other page when I closed it, that's why there is a rip. I wanted to create an odd character, so I sketched that.

Day 73 - Female sketch

Day 74 -Sketch of a banner and knight like figure
 Day 75- I had an idea to create a St. Patrick's Day beer label, because a lot of people go out drinking. I had the date, the shamrock, and the snakes that according to the myth St. Patrick drove out of Ireland with. It's something I may work on, but here was the rough sketch.

 Day 76 - I was playing around with some vector stock art.

Day 77 -  Here's a self potrait, when I was playing around with my camera.

Day 78- I like typography and decided to create a custom font sketch.

Day 79- I always had an idea of a cool bird design and here was my first concept sketch.
Day 80- I was again messing around with some fight vector stock art that I have.

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