Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mintees.com the NEW T-shirt Community

In case you haven't heard, Mintees.com is the new hot spot for the T-shirt community. Emptees.com (r.i.p....yea silly for a website, but whatever) was the big spot to go to for t-shirt designers, resources, find out info on brands such as BrandedBaron,miscellaneous chit chat, and more. It shut down today and Mintees was able to bring that community to what should be a great new site. It pretty much looks just like Emptees, but a bit more stylized and it feels good to know that there is a great replacement.

If you are a designer and want to showcase your designs, talk about t-shirts, check out resources, I suggest you head to Mintees.com If you experience any bugs please submit, since the site was put together in a month, so everyone from Emptees can join Mintees today. You'll definitely catch me partaking in the community and occasionally submitting t-shirt designs(I know I should be submitting a lot and I will try).

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