Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jewelry for Graphic Designers

A friend of mine shared this with me and I thought this was pretty great. It's okay to get your geek on sometimes and I think wearing jewelry that says "helvetica" or "rgb" would let your fellow colleagues know you're a fan of graphic design. On etsy there is a stored called "Plastique" which as stated on their website, "plastic jewelry with a graphic designer's touch." I think there are some great pieces like the "kern" rings and the "command z" necklace. The "command z" necklace is probably my favorite and I know everyone always wanted to have that ability to undo a situation in real life like when you're on the computer. That is is $19 and most of the jewelry are reasonably priced. You're a graphic designer and express it even further to the world by wearing what you do.

Click here to visit the Etsy store

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