Thursday, March 10, 2011

29 Things Young Designers Need To Know!

This is a great list and is pretty much the truth. I personally feel that even though this a guide geared towards young designers, even vets can learn and be reminded from this.

Double click the image to enlarge.


  1. Some of these are a little ambiguous-- others even almost totally unclear it might help if this was an article offering details of each. For example, "sweat"??? what the hell is that? And then there's "never compromise" That's life in the work-force. It's necessary on every level from a 16 year old's first job as a cashier, to a CEO of a world-wide corporation
    Of course, there are some that are straight forward and require little to no detail at all, such as "teach others".

  2. Yes, at first glance some appear to be unclear, but if you look enlarge the image you can see what the designer's intention was. The designer added very subtle phrases by typing them small and attracting the viewer with bold phrases, which some seem vague. The first one says, "Sweat the details".

  3. Is it possible to purchase these? Amazing work!