Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Iamthetrend.com presents Tee Madness 11

Iamthetrend.com presents the 2nd annual Tee Madness competition. 64 tshirt brands go at it in this March Madness bracket. There are plenty of good brands and there are plenty of terrible ones. Please vote for the better brand, because it's become a popularity contest on who can get more followers to vote. I voted for the companies that I believe have the better brand.


My recommended brands to vote for in:

The Eastern Conference: Branded Baron, Regan Smith Clarke, Seventh Ink Apparel, Atslopes

The Western Conference: Formatic, Cavata Clothing, Local Advancers, Doctor Hazmat(these two are up against each other, so choose which you think is the better brand), Miles to Go


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